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BREAKING NEWS: Nnamdi Kanu To Meet With South South Leaders Over Biafra

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Emeka Gift Posted:
Dear Russell, I think you are doing a great job keep it up. Nnamdi Kanu is a man on a mission. He is meeting with Igbo elders and will soon meet South South elders. He has also met Madam Ankio Briggs the foremost Niger Delta woman activist and if you remember what she said after the visit you will understand that the elders of the region South South will definitely come on board when the time comes. Madam Ankio Briggs said that Kanu is of the view that nobody should be forced to join Biafra. She also said that they talked on a lot of things and that there are so many things to talk about and that they will talk when the time comes.
Now the question is what are the things to talk about? Have any of you that are opposing Biafra restoration asked yourselves this question or you just pick your laptop or phone and start causing disunity? Well I respect the views of everyone but just mark this, discussions will come and the South South will make their input in all issues and together we shall match to freedom. I tell you the zoo know this and that is why they are going to South South to woo them back to the zoo.

Please Russell keep enlightening our South South brothers and sisters cos 50 years of lies told to them cannot be expected to vanish in a twinkle of an eye.  

Generation upon generation have been fed the lies and it will take some time for them to understand the truth. Having said that, I noticed that there are some people here who are not from south East or South South but are using names of people of the old Eastern region to cause disunity and fan embers of hatred here. To them I say your satanic work will definitely meet brick wall.

Russell Bluejack

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