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IBB – Why I Left Gen Sani Abacha When Stepping Aside As A Military President

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Did abacha changed the initial plan? your guess is as good as mine, let see what happened.
Why did you leave General Sani Abacha behind when you were stepping aside as a Military President?
If you remember very well, we had an interim government, that government had a life .We drew up a Constitution for that government . That government came into force in November 1993. And it was supposed to expire in February of 1994.
We needed to make sure that government was ably supported by the Military so that they would be able to conduct an election in February of 1994. And we can only do that, knowing the environment in which we operated, one we respect authority.
We thought then, quite rightly too that Ernest Shonekan should be supported by a strong Military so that the threat of toppling him did not arise. And they provided the stability for 82 days . That was the whole idea . And the late Abacha of course was the Chief of Defence Staff and the Minister of Defence . 

And we felt if anything happened , the public can be rest assured that there was somebody still there with a lot of strength and experience who would still be able to pilot when it was necessary. But whatever happened subsequently, it was a different thing altogether . You know it as much as I do . It was not the fault of the Military.

IBB didn’t go further than this. now what happens there after? did abacha changed the whole plan?

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