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Order To Vacate North: Nnamdi Kanu’s Words Resonates

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Following the order by a coalition of Northern Youths to Biafrans to vacate the northern region before October 1, a social commentator posted:
For the people to leave the kano I know, it will take an earthquake to remove them from this place. Many of them have erected houses, plazas, churches, shops and hotels in this kano. Their total asset in the kano is in trillions, to be very sincere with you. For these people to start leaving these things behind, then you can as well tell them to die. This is a very strong information i got from many of these businessmen.
Another commentator reacted this way:
Then they might as well prepare to die! This is what Nnamdi Kanu has been shouting for many years
This is only a warning, the handwriting have always been on the wall, they had decades to plan better and repatriate profits back home in the East to invest, instead they chose to keep re investing in the North.
They were handed the advantage of hindsight, ie 1966 pogroms to know that investing in the North should only be a temporary solution to make money that should be re invested in the East, yet they hardened their hearts. Our forerunners in 1966 didn’t have the advantage of the hindsight we now have.
These category of Igbos are the ones who the very mention of Biafra angers, they have been blinded by their stupidity and greed that they reason that the rest of us should forget our freedom( Biafra) so that they can continue investing in the North and live as Nigerians.
They are on a long thing.
Ndiigbo should issue a formal declaration for them to start relocating home alongside their investments , and if they persist, their deaths should not force us into rash decisions, cos that’s exactly what these Northerners want right now.
They want the substitution of force of diplomacy and negotiation with violence and counter violence, now that we are beginning to penetrate the walls of NASS with our agitation.
We mustnt let that happen, we must stay in control of the situation and work on our Own timeline.

If they kill our people, and we retaliate, it will all spin out of our control so quick. Seeing as these people currently hold all the key military advantages over us and we still have hostile Igbophobic neighbors waiting to rub in our misery.
We are not yet prepared for that stage of the struggle, and we must not allow anyone force us into that stage unprepared.
We must be careful and pragmatic.

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