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Buhari's Return Restores Hope For A Better Nigeria - DYC (PRESS Statement)

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L-r: A guest, Deputy National
chairman, Dr. Samuel Ajibabi
Oyayeye, National Chairman,
Hon. KASSIM Mohammed's KASSIM,
National Sec. Chief Lasbry Orator and
Abuja Municipal Chairman.


Distinguished invited guests, members of the press, ladies and gentlemen. This is indeed a moment of great joy as we warmly welcome our amiable President Muhammadu Buhari from his medical vacation abroad.

We therefore wish to seize this opportunity to expressed our deep appreciation to millions of Nigerians who prayed fervently for the health of Mr. President and his safe return home,  knowing that his commitment to rewriting the nation's history in the interest of the common man remains unshakable.

The DYC is confident that President Buhari's safe return to the country has restored the hope of millions of Nigerians for a better Nigeria where their collective prosperity is assured. 

It was however, unfortunate that the ailment of our president which required our collective concerns and prayers, being a natural occurrence that befalls all humans was politicised.

As Nigerian youths, we call on all Nigerians who engaged in unwholesome campaigns of calumny through their words or actions aimed at wilfully misleading the Nigerian public to seek forgiveness from God and unreserved apology from Nigerians. 

The DYC, which earlier condemned in totality the uncomplimentary campaigns of malice by Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state, Femi Fani Kayode and their co-conspirators against the Nigerian state, believes that they are now hiding their faces in shame and posterity would judge.

Their politicization of the ill health of a fellow human being has exposed the moral bankruptcy in  which the DYC is out to condemn and discourage. 

 We as Nigerian youths must must work tirelessly for the unity of this country. By so doing we must resist any attempt to divide us by any means be it political, religious or ethnic.

It is no longer in doubt that the millions of Nigerians who defied the old order to bring Buhari onboard as a Messiah to lay a new foundation for the future of the country have remained hopeful, supportive and resolute on the Buhari change agenda now and beyond 2019.

He also lauded the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo for his astute leadership style that ensured the continuity of the change agenda while the president was away. 

On behalf of the Nigerian youths and the entire Nigerians  I want to show our unreserved appreciation, support and love for Mr President for what he has done done.

For the avoidance of doubt we wish to put on the record that in the last two years of President Buhari led administration has opened the window of opportunities for tens of thousands of our young people through the N-Power entrepreneur scheme. School children in 13 states of Nigeria are receiving free lunch at school as part of the administration's Homegrown School Feeding Programme. In 9 states, over 26,000 are receiving N5,000 stipend a month from Conditional Cash Transfer Programme.

The dogged effort of this administration has also stabilized the Naira and the economy in addition to the successes recorded in the fight against corruption. Though it is still with us, its wings of impunity have been clipped. And instead of unrelenting on this fight, government is reloading and refocusing for greater success.

In order to address the discordant voices of agitations across the country, we call on President Buhari to convene a meeting with all the young people who are dissatisfied with the Nigerian project that they have decided to opt out of it.

We urge him to listen to them and forge a way to regain their trust. The youths of this nation are the most important resource that the nation has.

It is our firm belief that Mr. President has the courage to begin a systematic disengagement so that the next generation can take the lead.

Buoyed by the tenacity our president in the Nigerian project, the DYC calls on him to ensure the immediate end to medical tourism abroad in keeping with his campaign premises.
Moving forward, we call on the president to give balancing the Nigerian project a solid sense of equity and justice and call on all those who are in the forefront of the fight for restructuring Nigeria to bring to come up with proposals and blueprints on how to make things better.

Under President Buhari we want to see balanced seats in the House of Representative to make it fair to all. We want to see the resources of this nation shared in such a way that those from the areas where these resources come from do not feel cheated by the rest.

We Nigerian youths want to see the presidency rotated amongst the zones. The number of local governments in each zone to be fair so that local government allocations to each zone would not be lopsided.

On the Buhari change agenda and continuity beyond 2019 we stand. We call on Nigerian youths and indeed all Nigerians to rally round this onerous  task of ensuring purposeful leadership under President  Muhammadu Buhari.

Long live the DYC

Long live President  Muhammad Buhari
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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