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Gen. Gowon – No Nation Survives Multiple Wars, Warns Biafra Agitators And Acting President Osinbajo Respond Like This… {Must Read}

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The Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has warned individuals and groups against promoting hate speeches, saying such tendencies have the potential to propel genocide.
Osinbajo, who handed down the warning yesterday at a national security seminar on unity in diversity, security and development, also identified six fault narratives, which he said, calls for separation were often predicated.
This was as a former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, has warned that no nation ever survived multiple civil wars.
The Acting President, who delivered the keynote speech, maintained that no argument was superior enough to displace the nation’s corporate existence.
He further submitted that agitations were largely self-serving, rather than altruistic, warning against the mistake of Civil War.
Osinbajo said: “Reading and hearing history is much different experience from being a part of history. Both have their advantages and drawbacks.
“The witnesses of the horrors of war will not wish it on their worst enemies. Even recalling it may bring back the trauma of that period. The mental and physical scars of war are sometimes so deep, that rational thought of something is impugned.
“On the other hand, those who only heard or read history, may have the advantage of approaching life without the bitterness and burdens of history. But, they are also so far removed that they tend to minimise or even dismiss the ramifications of history.”
While vowing the Federal Government’s readiness to check inciting statements, the Acting President noted that catastrophes that sometimes consumed nations were ignited by inflammatory remarks. He said the country’s situation was made worse by the negative side of social media.
“I want to look at what I describe as false narratives. The first false narrative is that, we often say that nations that were formed the way ours was formed are doomed to fail. In other words, countries formed without a deliberate agreement of the people to come together, are bound to fail.
“This is what some people have said that ‘Nigeria is a mere geographical expression’, and for that reason, it is not likely to succeed as a united whole. We must not be misled by some pseudo-intellectuals suggesting that the mere fact that we did not deliberately one day hold a conference to come together, means that we should not and cannot stay together. 

“Indeed, we can. The sixth narrative is that hate speech is freedom of expression, and that we should allow it. I want to say to you that that is the biggest mistake that can ever be made by any group of people. Every major catastrophic human conflict has been begun by hate voice, extremist ideology, especially hate speeches. In particular, every genocide in human history, had been preceded by hate speech, and had been promoted by media sometimes,” Osinbajo said.
He added: “But always, hate speech precedes genocide; the greatest tragedy in human history.
“Our situation is worse with the social media, instant communication of any type of news. Most of it false, most of it divisive, most of it dangerous.
We must do something about it, we must control it, and we must insist that it is not acceptable. Public discourse of any type that is already on the social media, media, we cannot allow the promotion of it.”
Meanwhile, the Director-General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mr. Lawal Daura, has vowed to deal with individuals and groups, who threaten the inviolability and sanctity of the Nigerian State.
Daura, who said the unity of the nation was a “sacred trust”, linked security with governance.
His words: “In recent times, centrifugal forces have been at work in our great nation, trying their utmost to pull us apart. They have vainly leveraged on our ethnic, geographical and religious cleavages (the key factors that constitute our very rich tapestry of cultural treasure and diversity) to ignite hate speeches and stoke ethnic cum religious tensions, nationwide. 

“Sundry youth groups and individuals (with diverse subversive agendas) have latched onto this latest manifestation of ethno-religious divisions to afflict the national stage and consciousness with their atavistic and retrogressive utterances as well as infantile threats.
“Undoubtedly, these utterances and threats have spawned in their wake, considerable anxiety among law-abiding, ordinary citizens residing in different parts of the country.”
While recognising efforts by some well-meaning individuals to maintain peace, Daura said the Service is worried by the “toxicity” of ethnic and other agitations.
Daura noted: “This notwithstanding, and given the high toxicity of ethnic and religious evocations, the security sector has remained sufficiently concerned with a view to evolving and developing adequate countermeasures to deal with these threats.
“At this juncture, I would like to restate the position of the DSS that all groups or individuals who are bent on pursuing their divisive and separatist activities that threaten national security, to think again. The security and law enforcement agencies will not sit by idly while they continue on their activities that put at risk the lives and properties of law-abiding and innocent Nigerians.
“We will deploy the full amalgam of the security infrastructure to deal with subsisting and emerging developments capable of endangering lives and properties as well as our corporate existence as a nation.
“Globally, the security agencies form the core of institutions that give backbone to statehood.
“Consequently, every activity that represents an existential threat to the nation is a direct challenge to the security agencies which must be responded to.
“The security sector views the unity of this nation as a sacred trust and this task we will do our utmost to meet.”
On his part, Gowon warned against hiding under the cover of freedom of expression, to promote divisive positions.
The former Head of State, who was chairman of the occasion, appealed to youths to refuse to be canon-fodders.
“These calls for division are not good for our democracy. What the DSS has done with this seminar, is to demonstrate that the state security is primarily about the relentless pursuit of the good of society and its people, not guns and daggers as oftentimes perceived.
“Today, with the various political agitations, the multiplicity of calls for regional autonomy, or calls for restructuring of the Federation, or outright secession from the country, has given birth to emergency nationalist agitators.
“These calls are not in a democracy inherently prohibited, in so far as they are presumed within the legal context that recognises the right of individuals and groups to hold views that in the final analysis, and with careful consideration, may not be diametrically opposed.
“Agitators, regardless of whatever name they go by, need to read up history; no nation survives multiple civil wars,” Gowon reasoned.
According to him, “What is definitely wrong, is that these individuals and interest groups to hide under the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech and association, to threaten fire and brimstone. All Nigerians should love their country.”

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