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JUST IN: Finally, Aborigines of N'Delta opens up on BIAFRA, makes declaration, sends powerful message to IPOB

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THE Aborigines of Niger Delta has warned the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra to desist henceforth from agitating in their territories which they say comprise the six Niger Delta States namely Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo and Rivers States.
This was contained in a declaration signed by the President of the group, Mr. Sunny Iyang. The statement warned that , the group will henceforth not tolerate the agitation for Biafra anywhere in their territory adding that the above-named Niger Delta states in the oil-rich region breed intellectuals and are capable of seeking an independent status even as it has made its intention known to declare United States of Niger Delta come October 1, 2017.
The statement reads:
'' We the people of Niger Delta having resolved to speak with one voice after due consultations with the leaders, traditional leaders and well-meaning indigenes of the six Niger Delta States hereby make our intentions known and make the following declarations:
(1) The six Niger Delta States comprising, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo and Rivers States remain our territory and not an inch of it would be ceded to those agitating for Biafra.
(2) In as much as we respect their right to seek external self-determination, we will no longer fold our hands and look on as the tribe of usurpers - IPOB - agitates in any part of our territories for the emergence of Biafra. 
(3)We have previously made our intention known to the Nigerian government of our intention to declare our own Republic come October 1, 2017. On this we stand, there is no going back.
(4) Our region breeds enough intellectuals, artisans, professionals and the like capable of running our new country to give us an ideal or idyllic state or place in the comity of nations. We have resolved not to join any of the Nigerian major tribes namely Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa who have reduced our people to beggars in the midst of plenty beneath our land.
(5) We condemn in the strongest terms the antics and politics of inclusion being played by the Igbos whose only interest is the mineral resources in our land which they eye for their economic survival when their Biafra, if ever, eventually emerge. We the Aborigines of Niger Delta know their antics and would never fall for any of it.
(6) The Igbos are even worse than any of the above-named tribes because their case is that of a tenant who tries to usurp the landlord as experiences in the past have shown.
(7) In this connection, we say NO in the strongest terms to their politics of annexation and hereby sound IPOB and their sister groups to restrict their agitation to their five landlocked states because we will resist in the strongest form and by every means necessary any further attempt to further agitate in any part of our territories.
(8) Having made ourselves clear on this, we wish to further remind our people that Niger Delta states will be better off seeking an independent status as a few misguided miscreants cannot be allowed to dictate to our people. Various groups in our region have told the Biafra agitators to remove our region in the proposed map of Biafra and on this the Aborigines of Niger Delta irrevocably stand.
(9) We are, however, not unaware of the antics and propaganda being run by IPOB under the leadership  Nnamdi Kanu by paying some indigent Niger Deltans who it presents on Youtube videos to make it look as if IPOB has gained a foothold in our region. We again condemn this in the strongest terms and advised them to desist henceforth from their game of deceit for no part, we repeat, of our territories will by no stretch of the imagination be ceded to Igbos and Biafra.
(10) We remain law-abiding while we restate our desire to pursue our own free state within the ambit of law and respect to Nigeria's constituted authorities. We have also resolved to pursue our external self-determination diplomatically without recourse to violence as was displayed by IPOB members on Sunday this week when a sitting governor was allegedly attacked by its members. We are civilized and hereby remind all Niger Deltans that we shall pursue our external self-determination peacefully and diplomatically as obtains in the civilized world.

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