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Sheikh Ahmed Gumi says 'No one can stop restructuring of Nigeria' reveals when it will happen

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Frontline Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, has said the restructuring of Nigeria is inevitable and would come to pass in 2019,
He stated this while fielding questions in a chat with the Nigerian tribune. The fiery Islamic scholar said restructuring is a continous exercise which has been and would always continue.
Asked about the agitations in the southern part of the country for a restructuring of Nigeria, the Sheikh Gumi said that nobody can stop it. 

In his words: ''I don’t think there is anybody who is against restructuring because the world is in a continuous dynamic state of change. Nothing is static. Restructuring has been going on since we started as a country. Restructuring is coming. There is nothing that can stop it. The old class of politicians is going; they are definitely going. People should be patient. Restructuring is a continuous process and nobody can stop it. 
''It can only be delayed, but it is coming. I see it in 2019. Restructuring will definitely come to Nigeria. Old people like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida that fought the civil war may be nostalgic about it because they had their own vision of Nigeria at that time, but the truth of the matter is that Nigeria must change. Nigeria must be re-constructed. In the United States of America (USA), their states are like countries. 
''If we restructure, this Boko Haram issue will be localised to a particular people or section because that ideology must have the support of the locals. So, if you take it to Ibadan, will it survive? If you take it to Sokoto, will it survive? If you take it to Katsina, will it survive? Not only that: restructuring will also solve the problem of Fulani herdsmen. So, we need to restructure. In fact, restructuring is coming, no doubt about it: no man can stop it.''

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