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(VIDEO) Libyan slave market sparks global outrage, African Union leaders urged to take immediate action

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Libyan slave market has reportedly sparked global outrage, The Nation reports.
A certain Global Affairs Analyst, Ayoya Lawal in reaction to CNN report condemned the sales of African migrants in Libya while speaking to The Nation in a telephone interview.
He condemned in his entirety the silence of African leaders and called for immediate action by the African Union.
He said:“The victims must be rehabilitated and taken care of appropriately. Human slavery is simply a crime against humanity, and it should be properly investigated and all the accomplices in the atrocities and criminal trading must be brought to book by all means. 

“The shocking footage of human auctions took the continent a century backward, unbelievable! While some Africans are working indefatigably to polish the image of the continent by scrupulously engaging in cutting-edge solutions and initiatives to position the continent as a new frontier for the world, some criminal troglodytes are busy dragging the continent a century backward by even engaging in such cruel slave trade of their African brothers and sisters,” he lamented.
“I commend President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame for voicing out against such inhumane trading and serving as a beacon light for the continent in this revealed dark moment in the recent history of the Africa continent for the willingness of his administration to provide refuge to the nearly 30,000 economic African migrants being subjected to unwarranted inhuman abuse in Libya.
“I implore the Federal government of Nigeria and other African leaders to treat this situation as an emergency and spring to action to save their people and see that perpetrators are immediately brought to book in the International Criminal Court and collectively come up with a permanent approach to put an end to this renewed scourge on African continent.

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