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Don't expect Buhari to defend you from Fulani herdsmen attacks, defend yourself, your communities - Rev. Gado, ECWA President

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Christians in Nigeria have been urged to defend themselves and communities when they are attacked by Fulani herdsmen.
This warning was given by the President of Evangelical Church Wining All, ECWA, Rev. Jeremiah Gado.
He stated this while answering questions in an interview with Daily Sun newspapers.
While speaking he said Christians who are being attacked and killed daily by Fulani herdsmen have a right to defend themselves if government will not stand up for them
What is your suggestion for sustainable peace among Nigerians of different faiths? 

I must emphasize that only God can give Nigeria peace. But we must know that peace without justice is not possible. However, government has a responsibility to ensure peace by enforcing law and order, and ensuring that justice is given to all irrespective of political, religious and ethnic affiliation. The responsibility of the church is to commit the nation in the hand of God and properly educate the citizens on their responsibility. The government has to show seriousness by punishing those who do evil. Unfortunately, government, instead of punishing those who do evil, reward them with contracts, appointments and promotions, and those who are law-abiding are being subjugated and suppressed. As a church, we are doing our part by encouraging our members not to be violent, or retaliate because that was not in our character. I am calling on all Christians to desist from retaliation. That is not to say we have no right to defend ourselves. We have a God-given right to do so. If somebody comes to your house and attacks you, you have a right to defend yourself. If you are being attacked, you have the right to defend yourself, do not wait on government, because government cannot do everything for you. I urge community leaders to prepare in the event of being attacked, so they could defend their communities. Government need, to enforce the rule of law, because absence of that will result in chaos and crisis. There are many examples to support the claim that law enforcement agents turn their eyes away from evil. One of our 16-year-old girls was recently forced into Islamic marriage. That was against the constitution of Nigeria. I suggest that the law be enforced evenly.

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